One Prayer within.

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I fear I have yet to weep.

I’ll close my eyes tight,

Never let the world within,

for I know not of sin.


I pray the lord my soul to keep,

the hill yonder may be too steep.

But I’ll walk and walk,

Until my feet do blister,

Making the sea my sister.


If I should die before I wake,

I see the stars have yet to make,

Their pattern bright.

Oh set alight,

The fire within ones own soul.


I pray to God my soul to take,

Please be still my beating heart.

Your muscles did never stand a chance.

Yet you took a glance,

then went to hide with your own pride.


If I should live for other days,

Then I would be forever in your dept.

I’ll take that bet,

For soon you’ll see

Eternity is a lonely place to be.


I pray the lord to guide my ways

and hope we stay, side by side.

I’ll hide within, from the world without.

I’ll say my prayers,

and one day soon,

I’ll fall, You’ll swoon, we’ll be one with the moon.


Author: dreadibek

I am a vegan dread head who travels Scotland and writes poetry. I am an animal lover and activist. I love baking vegan cakes and biscuits and walking with my dogs, oh and I really love Tattoos. xxxx Feel free to follow me on Instagram. dreadibek_thetattooedpoet06

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