book’s, book’s, book’s.

Haven’t written anything in a while, that’s because I haven’t had my nose out of a book long enough. Been reading, outlander then The Handmaids tale, then The Power. All amazing books I haven’t been able to put them down. Anyway here’s a poem. Enjoy and don’t forget to buy my poetry book, ‘Poetry from the soul’ by me R.J.Dunning. xxxx


Rainy Day.


My Beautiful Rainy day

I think I may have to stay,


Sipping hot Coffee,

Dunking my biscuits, Book in hand.

I may be an Outcast

But, on my Beautiful rainy day

I have to say

In here is where I love to be.

Warm, cosy. Watching rain slide down the window pane.

The sky cast with a whitewash grey.

Fine greenery dances in the breeze.

Not cold enough to freeze,

Just a slight chill in the air.

Oh my Beautiful rainy day,

I do wish you would stay.


Author: dreadibek

I am a vegan dread head who travels Scotland and writes poetry. I am an animal lover and activist. I love baking vegan cakes and biscuits and walking with my dogs, oh and I really love Tattoos. xxxx Feel free to follow me on Instagram. dreadibek_thetattooedpoet06