Been rearranging my library today, changed all my shelves. Here’s a picture of my poetry shelf, with my book on it. Go buy it guys and help out a fellow author. You’ll love it. I have had my full manuscript for my novel asked for by three agents and publishers now and have started on my fantasy series for young adults. Here’s a poem from my book, which you should purchase. ; )  #poetry  #writers



The floorboards squeak,
The roof doth creek.
We dare not open our eyes,
For the fear brewing within.
It’s dark out there,
Dark as pitch.
I’ll hide in here, under my sheets.
I feel the heat.
It’s out there now,
Creeping around,
Under my bed.
Waiting, to pull on a stray leg,
Sticking out of my sheet.
I’ll stay in here, till mornings light,
When none shall stay.



Author: dreadibek

I am a vegan dread head who travels Scotland and writes poetry. I am an animal lover and activist. I love baking vegan cakes and biscuits and walking with my dogs, oh and I really love Tattoos. xxxx Feel free to follow me on Instagram. dreadibek_thetattooedpoet06

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