message to a princess.


Message to a princess.



I felt it on that day,

My heart being torn in two.

One part died with you,

The other filled with pain.

I still miss you, it never goes away.


You left me that morning,

But I knew, it was coming.

Your Cancer took over,

The pain too much,

Was kinder to say,

“Goodbye my Princess.”


I was so bewildered,

Holding you in my arms,

Watching you slowly slip away,

Into that sleep like death.

But it was time,

It was time.


Eleven years, we grew together,

Always together,


You were my soul-mate.

You were my companion,

My best friend and my daughter.

You, Princess, were my world.


I struggle on every day,

Will my heartache ever go away.

I want you to know, I’ll be ok.

The one thing that keeps me going,

Is knowing.

That you are safe now,

You are waiting.

Waiting in the Elysian Fields,

The hereafter.

Until the day we meet again,

You’ll be forever in my heart.



Author: dreadibek

I am a vegan dread head who travels Scotland and writes poetry. I am an animal lover and activist. I love baking vegan cakes and biscuits and walking with my dogs, oh and I really love Tattoos. xxxx Feel free to follow me on Instagram. dreadibek_thetattooedpoet06

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