The Wiccan Woman



The house was eternally still

Yet still, life breathed.

A fire crackled in the hearth.

The clock above forever stuck at half past two.

What you see is true.

Just ask the Wiccan woman.


She is at peace with herself,

Positive energy surrounds her

bringing peace to the mind.

The pot said ‘Drink Me’

forever filled with tea.

A beautiful china cup stands, waiting to be filled.


The garden beyond, full of Dandelions,

a sea of a thousand wishes.

Breathe in the magic of nature.

Become a worshipper of the earth.

Time stood still, and out beyond

She was fond.

A tea drinker, real deep thinker.


The Moon has awoken,

A spell begun.

Day Dreamer,

Astral projection.

If you do not believe in magic,

then you’ll never know.

And the pot said ‘Drink Me’

and was forever filled with tea.


First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

This is my very first Blog post, so I have Dreadlocks, mine are organic/Freeform/Natural whatever you want to call them. Basically I just stopped doing anything to my hair over a year ago, no brushing, no conditioning. I still wash my hair but I use a dreadlock shampoo about every ten days or so. When I started my dreadlock journey my hair was at the top of my waist, now its shoulder length, so I’m hoping now for it to start growing longer.

As this is my first Blog ill add a poem in. Enjoy

Beauty and the Beast.



I went to war.

There, I was thrown to the floor.

When I came home,

I entered through a different door.


I was no longer me.

I was a different girl.

Deformed body, Scarred face.

Ugly outside,

And that made me ugly within.


Alone and Isolated,

Spiteful and Resentful.

I came back hating the world,

And all the people in it.


Then you came along.

Entered my bitter and twisted world.

I don’t know how you got through my barriers.

But you, saw through my ugliness,

You saw my heart,

And I saw yours.


You were just a girl,

And I an acrimonious girl,

With no heart, or so I thought.

You found the love within me,

Buried deep down inside.

And you, with your love, brought it out.


You made me beautiful again.

Inside, and that shines through, outside.

From your love a seed was sewn,

And a new life re-grown.

Now I am whole again,

And our life will begin,

Once upon a time…….






And yet I smile.

For anybody that watches the Walking Dead, this is a poem inspired by King Ezekiel, from his speech before going to war with the saviours.

These are some of my Walking dead books. Huge Fan.


And yet I smile.


The air becomes heavy,

grows thick with anticipation.

on her way be death,

be it justice she seeks, we shall see.

And yet I smile.

The road ahead is full of danger.

we leave our loved ones behind,

as is our sorrow.

Yet glory shall rise from the depth of struggle,

And yet I smile.

An ocean of death,

the vastness of life,

for thou shall honour all life,

as all life is precious.

And yet I smile.

We bleed in desperation,

all shall come to pass, all ends.

One drop of rain from an overcast sky

and peace shall come from war,

And yet I smile.

For we are one,

joined in purpose,

the hive mind shall rejoice.

We shall succeed, and that is why I smile.




For the King, RIP shiva.

My new book.

DSC_0003 (1)

Got a new book out. ‘Poems by a teenage me’. Poems that I wrote at school and college as the title implies when I was a teenager. I think my favourite one is ‘Proclaim, its ours’ a poem about the environment. see I was worried about the planet and animals as far back as then. I was an environmentalist and vegan, I just didn’t know it. I don’t think you can be an environmentalist and not be vegan it just doesn’t work, I recommend watching ‘cowspiracy’ if you love our planet and the people on it then that’s your reason to go vegan, its not just about saving animals lives. Anyway here’s a snippet of my favourite poem from the book, to read the rest you’ll have to buy the book. £4.99 on Amazon.


Proclaim, it’s ours.

Please Proclaim.
Please Reveal.
Please Disclose,
And please inform.
The Environment, we are all participating,
In the shaping, the moulding of it.
It’s ours!

If it is ours, then why?
Destroy, use, ruin, eradicate.
These are your thoughts, No?
No you say, Then Why?

The Sun, the Moon.
You dream, you swoon.
You live, you die.
Tell me please, why won’t you think.

The Environment only has you,
You wipe out Forests ,
You eliminate entire species.
You devastate lives,
And you poison the Earth, our Mother.
With fumes of Gas and Smoke.

Humans think they have expanded their knowledge,
Well, in my opinion they have become so intelligent
That they have become oblivious.
Oblivious to the fact that the world is dying.


DSC_0005 (1)

Also available on Amazon ‘Poetry from the soul’.


Vegan cheese and onion pie.


This pie tasted exactly  how I remember cheese and onion pies to taste, and so simple to make. I made the pastry the night before, which is just 225g plain flour, 100g of vegan butter, salt and 3tbsp of water. Or you could buy ready made, most of them are vegan.

For the Filling.

3 large potatoes, boiled and mashed.

Fried onions.

Cashew cheese, homemade.

3 TSPS of vegan cream cheese. Sainsbury’s do an excellent range of vegan cheeses.

Mix these together and fill the pie, cover and bake for 20 to 30 mins or until golden. serve with mash and veg. lovely Autumn food without the meat. No innocent lives need be lost to enjoy this pie. Enjoy and #govegan.

peanut butter cookies

Been doing loads of vegan baking lately and I told people who follow me on Instagram I would post my recipes on here. These are peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips. I made ice cream sandwich’s with the vegan ben and jerry’s and they were amazing. these cookies taste so amazing no one will even realise there vegan. I find it so easy to veganise my cooking and baking, I haven’t had any problems, so why wouldn’t you go vegan. A vegan saves one animal life every day.


4 heaped tablespoons of peanut butter.

1 teaspoon of bicarb of soda.

5 tablespoons of plain flour.

1/2 cup of brown sugar.

2 tablespoons of apple sauce.

pinch of salt.

one bag of dark chocolate chips.

I mixed all the Ingredients and then rolled little balls and placed them on a baking tray and flatted slightly with a spoon, then baked for 15 to 20 minutes. Enjoy.

Of fairies and Broch’s

DSC_0008 (1)

Walking in Serenity.

The world now still.

Here the wooden glen breaths,


Surrounded by aged and gnarled roots,

so green.

Old roots do indeed grow deep.

That undeniable feeling of being watched,

Of course in the fairy glen,

A mischievous sprite or two

will always see.

Fairy dust, a must.

This Autumn afternoon, on my adventure

in the Highlands of home.

The waterfall rises, the waterfall falls

out of the woods.

And I stand and stare as natures peace flows into me,

as sunshine flows into the trees.

The water plays its music,

If only you’ll stop to listen.

It says, ‘live life one more time, touch

feel and be inspired.’

Fairy dust, a must.

Here the Thistle grows.

Autumn leaves fly in the breeze as the trees whisper their magic.

For the poetry of nature shall never die.

I have become one with the wood and the woodland folk.

I walk now through the woods

and over a glen to a Broch,

From a time long lost,

Broch Carn Liath.

step into the past.

Feeling the stone in the circle

and hearing another’s story told

centuries old,

The stone now all that is left.

History, no Mystery.

Come Autumns eve I dance with the fairies.

No star is too far,

Night falls and I shall speak with the moon.

Here the thistle grows.

The hills of the Highland forever shall I love.





At Inverness today, a little too built up for my liking but the visit to Culloden moor was amazing. Loving the Freedom and the nature, I wish I never had to go back. Scotland is my home. Off to the black Isle tomorrow and the Fairy Glens. Enjoy my Poem.




Walking the eerie moor.

Hearing the ghosts of brave men

Lost long ago,

This beautiful place,

holds so much magic,

A gory history.

When in 1745,

The Jacobites rose

2000 highland men.

‘We followed you, prince,

To this ocean of flatness and bullets’

The forces of Charles Edward Stuart,

were led to their untimely demise.

Destruction, Chaos, Death.

‘Sing me a song of a lad that is gone,

and give me the sun that shone’

The wind now whips my face

Stirring my thoughts and the spirits without.

Whistling loud, long and clear.

The Highland men did charge,

Outnumbered or no, ye ken.

‘Our blood is still our fathers,

and ours the valour of their hearts’

So thus Culloden was the end.

The end of the clans,

the end of the highlander way.

Tartan was banned,

Lives and life lost forever,

Lost in the mists of time,

those children of the stone.