The Wiccan Woman



The house was eternally still

Yet still, life breathed.

A fire crackled in the hearth.

The clock above forever stuck at half past two.

What you see is true.

Just ask the Wiccan woman.


She is at peace with herself,

Positive energy surrounds her

bringing peace to the mind.

The pot said ‘Drink Me’

forever filled with tea.

A beautiful china cup stands, waiting to be filled.


The garden beyond, full of Dandelions,

a sea of a thousand wishes.

Breathe in the magic of nature.

Become a worshipper of the earth.

Time stood still, and out beyond

She was fond.

A tea drinker, real deep thinker.


The Moon has awoken,

A spell begun.

Day Dreamer,

Astral projection.

If you do not believe in magic,

then you’ll never know.

And the pot said ‘Drink Me’

and was forever filled with tea.


First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

This is my very first Blog post, so I have Dreadlocks, mine are organic/Freeform/Natural whatever you want to call them. Basically I just stopped doing anything to my hair over a year ago, no brushing, no conditioning. I still wash my hair but I use a dreadlock shampoo about every ten days or so. When I started my dreadlock journey my hair was at the top of my waist, now its shoulder length, so I’m hoping now for it to start growing longer.

As this is my first Blog ill add a poem in. Enjoy

Beauty and the Beast.



I went to war.

There, I was thrown to the floor.

When I came home,

I entered through a different door.


I was no longer me.

I was a different girl.

Deformed body, Scarred face.

Ugly outside,

And that made me ugly within.


Alone and Isolated,

Spiteful and Resentful.

I came back hating the world,

And all the people in it.


Then you came along.

Entered my bitter and twisted world.

I don’t know how you got through my barriers.

But you, saw through my ugliness,

You saw my heart,

And I saw yours.


You were just a girl,

And I an acrimonious girl,

With no heart, or so I thought.

You found the love within me,

Buried deep down inside.

And you, with your love, brought it out.


You made me beautiful again.

Inside, and that shines through, outside.

From your love a seed was sewn,

And a new life re-grown.

Now I am whole again,

And our life will begin,

Once upon a time…….








This is a photo from Sterling, atop of the Wallace Monument. Next week I’ll be traveling in my Campervan ‘Albert’, around my wonderful Scotland, Home. So expect lots of Beautiful Pictures and Poetry inspired by my Travels. I’m really looking forward to escaping for a while. If only I could Travel and write every day. Maybe one day. xxxx

The Witch.

I am currently writing a new book, hopefully a trilogy. This poem is inspired by one of my main characters, I hope you like it.



The young witch Evie crept up the

long, dark Lane,

Feeling she had gone Insane.

She was alone now

Her partner ran after another criminal.

A warlock wanted,

For murders committed.

Evie didn’t want him,

Her revenge was for another,

To avenge her Mother.

She had ran after the Ogre.

Hiding now behind the warehouse.

Did he fear her?

Evie was no longer afraid,

Her family had died in this fight,

Now he must be stopped

It ended tonight,

Yes, it was in sight.

Movement in the corner,

Evie drew her wand.


Then all she saw was light,

Bright, white, light.

She flew back, hitting her head

With a terrible CRACK!!!!!!


Blackness, black.

It’s the Fog

I hop on my bike,

I had intended to hike.

But this way I’ll be quicker, slicker like lightening.

The fog rolled in with the sunrise.

White, thick and Dense.

It’s Intense.

I begin my ride, but I really want to hide.

There’s things out there, hiding in the whirling white,

Hold on tight.

I push on despite fear, riding past a one legged Giraffe,

Poking its head high above.

Look at the wheel, look at the wheel.

I pass by a pale green swamp monster,

Its arms reaching, grabbing, trying to pull me in.

Look at the wheel, only at the wheel.

Emerging then are two, small and squat, what?

Rock people, from my book last night.

They stand so still but I know there game

and who’s to blame.

Wheel, wheel.

Then I see,

Oh it’s even whiter than the fog,

It comes rolling along, slowly.

Its eyes great big bright lights, like flying saucers.

Oh God this is it.

It’s going to gobble me down.

It growls and I speed up, looking down, looking down.

I narrowly escape with my life,

Oh such strife, I should have brought a knife.

Then suddenly, I’m here.

Grandmas house, safe at last.

But wait….

Somethings coming down the path.

Its, It’s got a stick, shaking it behind.

I’m about to run when….

Oh, it’s just grandmas old dog

Oh thank God. And Grandma waiting on the front step,

Cookies in hand. Strike up the band.

I run into safety, into warmth, into love,

and out of that terrifying Fog.





I look into my Mirror, an ordinary Mirror?

Above the glowing coals of the fire, burning embers.

Mirrors, show us what we look like not who we are.

They tell no lies, or is it only lies they tell.

I cry but my Mirror laughs back at me.

An evil, throaty laugh.

I look, I look hard.

Stare at my Sanity.

You look hard enough and you become the monster you create.


I watch her, Me? Wait.

I pass through its glassy surface, to that other me.

It looks like me, only not quite.

The grin on her face is dark, scary almost.

Was the Mirror placed here to keep us out because its such a horrible world

on the other side.

Or are we keeping them out?

My image comes in waves.

I have to be brave.

I force myself to watch.

Is my Mirror a gate, and the only thing that keeps me from entering

is my own pale reflection.

Its time for recollection,

why do I hide in the Mirror?

when its she herself who is the haunted house.

I look. Look !!!!!!!

She puts a finger to her lips,

“Hush, no one knows I’m here”

She turns, I don’t.

I watch other me walk away into the arms of another girl.

Our minds distort the Mirror.

Cant you see, She’s drowning.

Help, help her, help me?

She’s in danger, it’s too late.

Stop. I look, it’s just that stupid creepy mirror doing it again,

Right. Right?

Just don’t look back.

My shadow never leaves me

and I wear only sleeves now

hiding scars cut deep down inside.

Sleep deep down, down.

You fear what’s in the dark don’t you. Not the dark itself.

Oh if only I were an Elf.

But the monsters are within, will they win?

It’s lucid dreaming, I fear I’ve been screaming.

Like falling with no bottom or end in sight,

Not even star light,

I shall take flight or else fall to my death.

Just stop and take a breath.

So Mirror mirror on my wall

If I walk or even crawl, I swear to you I’ll never fall,

I’ll always stand tall

and win at this game we all call life,

and never look back.

Don’t look back.

The Tortoise

Come take a walk in the woods,

Deep amongst the tree’s by the river,

Lives a willow tree,

Come down and see.

Ducks swim there, Geese visit,

Signets and swans can be seen too.

But to be true, you only came to see the Tortoise,

How slowly she walks, with the tree growing right out of her back.

She is freedom, she is peace.

you must see you, not a reflection,

by the waters edge,

for they will only dredge the river bed.

And when they do, find only a body,

dried up and empty.

A body of what once was and could have been.

Deep in that meadow, under the willow.

We are all part of a strange never ending story.

We must take it,

Live by the waters edge, here by the willow,

With the Tortoise tree.

She breathes life into us,

and if you stay awhile you will notice,

just what it is she whispers into the wind.

“Life is an occasion, and we must rise to it.”


I wrote this poem on a recent trip in my campervan albert to the beautiful village of Holmfirth, these pictures are from the reservoir. Natural Beauty.