The Wiccan Woman



The house was eternally still

Yet still, life breathed.

A fire crackled in the hearth.

The clock above forever stuck at half past two.

What you see is true.

Just ask the Wiccan woman.


She is at peace with herself,

Positive energy surrounds her

bringing peace to the mind.

The pot said ‘Drink Me’

forever filled with tea.

A beautiful china cup stands, waiting to be filled.


The garden beyond, full of Dandelions,

a sea of a thousand wishes.

Breathe in the magic of nature.

Become a worshipper of the earth.

Time stood still, and out beyond

She was fond.

A tea drinker, real deep thinker.


The Moon has awoken,

A spell begun.

Day Dreamer,

Astral projection.

If you do not believe in magic,

then you’ll never know.

And the pot said ‘Drink Me’

and was forever filled with tea.


First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

This is my very first Blog post, so I have Dreadlocks, mine are organic/Freeform/Natural whatever you want to call them. Basically I just stopped doing anything to my hair over a year ago, no brushing, no conditioning. I still wash my hair but I use a dreadlock shampoo about every ten days or so. When I started my dreadlock journey my hair was at the top of my waist, now its shoulder length, so I’m hoping now for it to start growing longer.

As this is my first Blog ill add a poem in. Enjoy

Beauty and the Beast.



I went to war.

There, I was thrown to the floor.

When I came home,

I entered through a different door.


I was no longer me.

I was a different girl.

Deformed body, Scarred face.

Ugly outside,

And that made me ugly within.


Alone and Isolated,

Spiteful and Resentful.

I came back hating the world,

And all the people in it.


Then you came along.

Entered my bitter and twisted world.

I don’t know how you got through my barriers.

But you, saw through my ugliness,

You saw my heart,

And I saw yours.


You were just a girl,

And I an acrimonious girl,

With no heart, or so I thought.

You found the love within me,

Buried deep down inside.

And you, with your love, brought it out.


You made me beautiful again.

Inside, and that shines through, outside.

From your love a seed was sewn,

And a new life re-grown.

Now I am whole again,

And our life will begin,

Once upon a time…….






February 18th.

I had an amazing time in Whitby. Plenty of inspiration for my novels, plenty of beach walks, book shopping and chips. My dogs loved it, although they were super sleepy when they got back. My Rottweiler Megan sleeping for a full twelve hours straight. I look forward to my next adventure.


I walk amongst the headstones

Peaceful and yet eerie

a time gone by, so long ago

the abbey falls into ruin

yet in beauty it still stands

blue skies on blue waters

go on into the horizon

as I stand on the shore

wind whipping my hair

and my thoughts away with it

for I am at peace

I’ve wandered into the past

how long can this last.









February the 17th.


The wind blows off the sea

salt in the air

yet the weather be fair.

A dog feels free

running on the beach.

Hair blown back

tongue out and proud

paws sink into the sand

leaving a print in your life

a print in your heart.

She is happy

and so you are happy

A trip to the coast

lets you boast

of love.

16th, Travel

Today is the day for Adventure

We are Whitby bound

Driving in the car with sweets and coffee

excited me, excited dogs

we don’t wear clogs,

but walking boots.

Away for three days

two nights with the Whitby ghosts

they are playing host

by the moon they shall wander

the graveyard at the abbey

for Whitby ain’t too shabby.

We shall wander the beach

let the dogs play in the surf

some shopping in ancient book shops

buying the written word.

Then we’ll cosy up in our cottage

snug as a bug

a family together.

But for now we are driving

getting closer, closer

excitement rising

today we are on an adventure.

February 15th

I’ll be in Whitby for the next couple of days so I should have some good photographs to post. So excited, I love traveling and I cant wait until I’m back in Scotland in September. Here is a poem I wrote this morning about getting ready.


Baking in the Kitchen

making Cookies to take

on our weekend break

baking the dogs biscuits too as they are tagging along

The snow is falling outside

as we get ready to walk.

A white wind constructed of ice

the warm glow of the fire

thaws my rosy cheeks

as I sip my hot coffee

and smell the fragrant smell

of fresh cookies in the oven

Cant resist sneaking one

well I do have to test them.

Starting to pack for my adventure

charging cameras

to snap pictures of cold beaches

and eerie abbeys

old cobbled streets

and walking up a hundred and ninety nine steps.

Chuck the bags in the car

ready for morning

when our travels begin.

Our weekend break be upon us.



Today be the day of saint Valentine

A day to ask if you’ll be mine

and I’ll be thine.

Together we’ll dine

just like always really

except today I baked Brownies

For after our lentil lasagna.

Today is a day to show love

affection and adoration

but not for us,

today’s no special occasion

For we are in love on everyday of the year.

It’s nothing Romantic for us

we don’t bother with Valentines

because we show our affection to one another

the same, today and everyday.

You are my Valentine, today

tomorrow and for the rest of my life.

I am your wife

you are my husband

and we don’t need a special day

everyday is our day.

I love you.

February 12th

Today I have been walking my dogs and then I went and got some food in for the week. I have been writing today, another great idea popped into my head for my trilogy, something in Whitby, where I am going over the weekend with my family, so I will be taking my camera and my note books. Here is a poem I wrote today about writing.


Scribbling away

by day, by night

stories and characters

who come alive in my head

begging to be released

wanting to see the world.

Yet by writing, you will see theirs.

They want their stories told.

I write them down

they live their lives through me

waiting, waiting

waiting to be read

waiting to be heard

I scribble away their lives

letting it become mine.

I’m waiting, waiting

waiting for my chance

to become an author.


February 11th. Driving

I went for a drive with my husband today, to find a vegan pie shop and get a ‘vego’ bar. The best chocolate bar in the world encase you were wondering. Well we got a little lost, the fun kind of lost, we knew what area we were in, just took a wrong turn. We found the place, I got my vegan pies and all was well. I took my writing pad with me on the drive and jotted this down, a silly one today.


We were lost

through fields of bleached wheat

we passed, no end in sight

Destination no where.

had we passed through a void

another dimension

for non of this looked familiar

panic starts to set in

fuel running low.

But no, behold

oh yes, we know where we are

panic over

and to top it off, there’s a petrol station here

phew, were saved.