The Wiccan Woman



The house was eternally still

Yet still, life breathed.

A fire crackled in the hearth.

The clock above forever stuck at half past two.

What you see is true.

Just ask the Wiccan woman.


She is at peace with herself,

Positive energy surrounds her

bringing peace to the mind.

The pot said ‘Drink Me’

forever filled with tea.

A beautiful china cup stands, waiting to be filled.


The garden beyond, full of Dandelions,

a sea of a thousand wishes.

Breathe in the magic of nature.

Become a worshipper of the earth.

Time stood still, and out beyond

She was fond.

A tea drinker, real deep thinker.


The Moon has awoken,

A spell begun.

Day Dreamer,

Astral projection.

If you do not believe in magic,

then you’ll never know.

And the pot said ‘Drink Me’

and was forever filled with tea.


First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

This is my very first Blog post, so I have Dreadlocks, mine are organic/Freeform/Natural whatever you want to call them. Basically I just stopped doing anything to my hair over a year ago, no brushing, no conditioning. I still wash my hair but I use a dreadlock shampoo about every ten days or so. When I started my dreadlock journey my hair was at the top of my waist, now its shoulder length, so I’m hoping now for it to start growing longer.

As this is my first Blog ill add a poem in. Enjoy

Beauty and the Beast.



I went to war.

There, I was thrown to the floor.

When I came home,

I entered through a different door.


I was no longer me.

I was a different girl.

Deformed body, Scarred face.

Ugly outside,

And that made me ugly within.


Alone and Isolated,

Spiteful and Resentful.

I came back hating the world,

And all the people in it.


Then you came along.

Entered my bitter and twisted world.

I don’t know how you got through my barriers.

But you, saw through my ugliness,

You saw my heart,

And I saw yours.


You were just a girl,

And I an acrimonious girl,

With no heart, or so I thought.

You found the love within me,

Buried deep down inside.

And you, with your love, brought it out.


You made me beautiful again.

Inside, and that shines through, outside.

From your love a seed was sewn,

And a new life re-grown.

Now I am whole again,

And our life will begin,

Once upon a time…….






Puddings and poetry.


Had some bread today that needed using up, so I decided to make a vegan bread pudding. It’s so good. It was so simple to make. Thought I would write a poem too, it was just words that came into my head while I was cleaning the house. Its called Twist and Turn.


We did it,

We fell in love.

My heart did soar like a Dove.

It’s been a long time,

Since I was a catcher in the rye.

It’s time to stop

Stop living like a pig in a sty.

And please oh please

just stop being shy.

It’s never ending.

A never ending story.

You don’t have to be gory.

Twist and turn,

Live and learn.

Everyone yearns.

Feel your body rock

Pay no attention to the clock.

Love is on the run,

Hold on tight

And definitely put up a fight.

You must learn.

What it is we yearn?

No-one knows and we all must go sometime.

One Prayer within.

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I fear I have yet to weep.

I’ll close my eyes tight,

Never let the world within,

for I know not of sin.


I pray the lord my soul to keep,

the hill yonder may be too steep.

But I’ll walk and walk,

Until my feet do blister,

Making the sea my sister.


If I should die before I wake,

I see the stars have yet to make,

Their pattern bright.

Oh set alight,

The fire within ones own soul.


I pray to God my soul to take,

Please be still my beating heart.

Your muscles did never stand a chance.

Yet you took a glance,

then went to hide with your own pride.


If I should live for other days,

Then I would be forever in your dept.

I’ll take that bet,

For soon you’ll see

Eternity is a lonely place to be.


I pray the lord to guide my ways

and hope we stay, side by side.

I’ll hide within, from the world without.

I’ll say my prayers,

and one day soon,

I’ll fall, You’ll swoon, we’ll be one with the moon.

Chocolate banana loaf


Just made this delicious chocolate chip banana loaf, Vegan of course. Thought I would share it with you. It’s so easy to be Vegan, when I first went vegan I worried that I wouldn’t be able to bake like before but nothing has changed, seriously guys , make the change and save lives.


225g self raising flour.

half tsp bicarbonate of soda.

pinch of salt.

75g vegan butter.

175g sugar.

two tbsp. of coco powder.

4 ripe bananas, mashed.

75g banana chips.

100g dark chocolate chips.





The Sky at Dusk,

A worthless husk,

A shell of a broken man.


Just Standing.

Eyeballs staring,

Music blaring.

In the background?

No, wait, in your Head,

Tinnitus fever,

You see that Beaver,

Bee’s buzzing in the hive,

Then you do a jive.

Then the men in white came,

and took you away,




book’s, book’s, book’s.

Haven’t written anything in a while, that’s because I haven’t had my nose out of a book long enough. Been reading, outlander then The Handmaids tale, then The Power. All amazing books I haven’t been able to put them down. Anyway here’s a poem. Enjoy and don’t forget to buy my poetry book, ‘Poetry from the soul’ by me R.J.Dunning. xxxx


Rainy Day.


My Beautiful Rainy day

I think I may have to stay,


Sipping hot Coffee,

Dunking my biscuits, Book in hand.

I may be an Outcast

But, on my Beautiful rainy day

I have to say

In here is where I love to be.

Warm, cosy. Watching rain slide down the window pane.

The sky cast with a whitewash grey.

Fine greenery dances in the breeze.

Not cold enough to freeze,

Just a slight chill in the air.

Oh my Beautiful rainy day,

I do wish you would stay.

How now, brown cow.


You flutter your lashes,

staring at me.

Wondering what I’m doing in your field.

I’m camping here, brown cow.

I mean you no Harm.

Your beautiful brown curls.

Creamy in the sun light.

Speckled, freckled, splash of white.

You come over and I stroke your nose, scratch your ears.

You lick my hand with your thick rough tongue.

Sitting here in my Campervan ‘Albert’.

Watching you brown cow.

Your calf frolicking with friends.

The summer sun shines down,

the swallows dip and dive, catching their evening meal.

How do I feel?

At peace, at ease, in solitude.

One with nature.

As I sit here sipping hot tea,

You come back over, brown cow, bringing friends and calf’s

Looking for what?

wondering what I’m doing in your field.

I come closer and feed you grass.

Oh brown cow, you’ve got class.

Amazing eyes, you see right to my soul

and know I am vegan.

I mean you no harm, pretty brown cow.





Been rearranging my library today, changed all my shelves. Here’s a picture of my poetry shelf, with my book on it. Go buy it guys and help out a fellow author. You’ll love it. I have had my full manuscript for my novel asked for by three agents and publishers now and have started on my fantasy series for young adults. Here’s a poem from my book, which you should purchase. ; )  #poetry  #writers



The floorboards squeak,
The roof doth creek.
We dare not open our eyes,
For the fear brewing within.
It’s dark out there,
Dark as pitch.
I’ll hide in here, under my sheets.
I feel the heat.
It’s out there now,
Creeping around,
Under my bed.
Waiting, to pull on a stray leg,
Sticking out of my sheet.
I’ll stay in here, till mornings light,
When none shall stay.